There are only two required dependencies for building this package: FSPS (obviously) and NumPy. First, make sure that you have NumPy installed (using your favorite method) and access to the f2py executable (this should be installed along with NumPy).

Then, you need to follow the directions on the FSPS page to clone and compile the FSPS package. Python-FSPS is built against specific versions of the FSPS Fortran API, so it is important that you have a recent version of FSPS through git. Currently Python-FSPS is built against FSPS v3.0.

These bindings rely on the value of the SPS_HOME environment variable being correctly set and the compiled .o and .mod files being available in the ${SPS_HOME}/src directory.

Installing development version

Python-FSPS is being actively developed on GitHub so it’s usually best to use the most recent development version. You can do this by cloning the python-fsps repository and building:

git clone
cd python-fsps
python install

Installing stable version

After you have FSPS and NumPy installed, you _might_ be able to install the most recent stable version of python-fsps using pip:

pip install fsps

If this does not work, please pip uninstall fsps and follow the instructions above for installing the development version.


Here are possible fixes for the most common installation issues:

  • Version mismatch. Python-FSPS is built against specific versions of FSPS. This can cause problems if you have a different version of FSPS. Python-FSPS attempts to check that you have a compatible version of FSPS during installation, and if you do not it will print an error. This requires that you have git and that FSPS be under git version control. If you do not have the correct version, try:

    cd $SPS_HOME
    git pull
    cd src
    make clean
    make all

    to get and compile the most recent version. Then try to install python-FSPS again.

  • fPIC. For some compilers (e.g. Intel) it may be necessary to set the -fPIC flag in the Makefile when compiling FSPS. Please try this if you encounter long python-FSPS installation errors that contain the text can not be used when making a shared object; recompile with -fPIC. For gfortran the flag is not necesary.:

    cd $SPS_HOME/src

    edit the F90FLAGS= line in the Makefile to include -fPIC and then:

    make clean
    make all

    Then try to install Python-FSPS again.

  • Problems with f2py. The 1.10.x versions of numpy introduced some compatibility problems in f2py. These seem to have been fixed in 1.11.x versions and the fixes retroactively added to the 1.10.x versions, but if you encounter long complicated error messages that end with something like KeyError: 'void', please consider upgrading your numpy installation.